Our Services

We have been successfully established in the market since 19 years and are proven and experienced experts for event marketing and event management, incentives, real estate and construction site marketing, graphic design and marketing campaigns.

No event without a communicative and operational goal: what do you want to achieve with this event? Is it the correct format, the right time, the appropriate location? We will advise you in this first stage, the conceptual phase. And we make sure that your event is going to be „different“, impressive, sustainable and effective. We make more out of your event, we make it perfect, because we love details.


Our customers are almost all customers for many years and express themselves very positively about the cooperation and our services:

Total impression: very satisfied and satisfied 96%
Reliability 98%
Creativity 91%
Attention to detail 93%
Perfection 97%
Budget compliance 94%

The way we work

Projektmanagement at it´s best. We guide you through the project phases, concept, planning, budget, preparation and realization. As you expect it.


Each idea is recorded and later evaluated in the second round. Creativity and feasibility are the two key words that count and interact here. You are going to choose from a large bouquet of our ideas and suggestions.


Budget compliance sets us apart. We have the ability to professionally plan the budget and recommend considering a reasonable reserve. This also includes reorders and does not require a new PO.


Live communication means: there is only one chance. We are fully aware of this. We are going to plan your event meticulously and rehearse the process sequentially. You can rely on our detailed directorial planning. Of course with „Plan B“ in case.


Dedication and passion, professionalism and reliability. These values set us apart.
That’s something you can rely on.

We live our tasks. From the first to the last moment. For you and for your customers and employees. What you can expect from us. Impressive moments and great emotions. We do that, Rudolph & Partner, the event designers.

They rely on us: